I was asked to create the logo for The Spanish Association of Social and Therapeutic Gardening and Horticulture. I know what you are thinking: That is a long name!! Indeed. (These girls have it all covered; gardening, therapy, social… They are awesome -they could have added feminist, I am glad they didn’t, though-)

I asked if they could change it for something more short or catchy… But they explained it tome that it was too late; they were already registered and known everywhere with that name, so it must remain exactly as it was: Asociacion Española de Horticultura y Jardinería Social y Terapéutica.

So I  suggested using the acronym (Well, for accuracy we should call it initialism, as it cannot be pronounced as a word)

They still wanted to have the whole meaning somewhere, and I agreed on that, because in this case you need all the meaning of the words to know what they really do, and it cannot be really summarized in one icon. So I put the wording like a ring sorrounding the main part of the logo, and to make the initialism a bit shorter even I merged the H and J, that are also part of the flower (gardening). The petals contain hands which represent the therapy; the work that is done by not only the therapists but also the patients. Finally, the colours are: Purple, always associated with holistic therapy and treatments. Green, the key colour of nature, and Yellow which represents happiness and that is what we will achieve with their therapy.

Here it is:Logos_AEHJST_RGB-pantalla-01


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